interdisciplinary artist
Patries Wichers is an artist working across different contexts, disciplines and organisations. She sees the role of an artist as intervening actively in the diverse cultural environments that constitute contemporary urban society.


Artist/Mediator/Instigator with roots in visual art, fashion, sound/music where improvisation and collaboration form the basis for creation, connection and communication with groups of various ages in different contexts. Studied painting and graphics plus two years pedagogic and didactic the Royal Art Academy in Den Bosch the Netherlands. History includes international exhibitions, performances, concerts, cultural and political actions and educational programmes.


Het kunsttraject van Wichers betreedt diverse disciplinaire paden maar haar beeldende achtergrond blijft aan de basis. Een interventie, een performance met soundscape zullen altijd ontstaan uit of leiden naar een al dan niet gecomponeerd in-situ beeld. De kunstenaar onderzoekt……. Sinds 2008 opereert Wichers onder de naam patrieswicherspoeticaction, interventies en performances vinden plaats in de openbare ruimte zoals een luchthaven, supermarkt, bij een toeristische attractie, kunstruimte.
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Having been struck during trips to Indonesia by the multidisciplinay practice of the Dalang, the puppet maker, player, storyteller and conductor of the gamelan orchestra in the Wayang Kulit shadow puppet theatre discovered in herself the ability, like the Dalang, to utilise all the voices in herself for improvised music thereby expanding the range of vocal possibilities. Co-founder with Christophe Albertijn, Thomas Campaert, Giles Thomas and Olivier Debaecker of the improv group Bateau Lavoir and the organisation for experimental music Huyswerk which organised many international concerts. Performed with Bateau Lavoir and Thomas Wichers extensively in Europe and North America. Performed in collaborations with - Archie Shepp, Tri-Factor, Marcus Hansen, Anne Bean, Sureau. Currently compiling and adapting a repertoire of Indonesian and Malaysian pop-keroncong songs that are a mixture of Portugese and Indonesian influences. Co-founder of the pop music trio Icianvers.
bateau lavoir


Since 2000 working as artistic co-ordinator for the organisation MUS-E Belgium an open platform for artists which is part of a European MUS-E network. Part of the work comprises placement as an artist in schools developing with children and teachers long term art projects. It also includes content based work, collating and developing methodologies and evaluating the programmes on a European level with all the MUS-E countries in Europe.,

2008-09-10 working for the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation project Sharing All Voices with artists of various disciplines developing methods for interdisciplinary performance and workshops. This performance took place in Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Schotland, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, France and Italy in diverse contexts diverging from Roma communities to music conservatoriums.

The interdisciplinary research started in the Sharing All Voices project continues with several artists from the project who form the group T R U N K. This research into the roots of creativity, connection and communication is very much connected to the comprehensive approach of Patries Wichers own work and embodies new insights into the role of contemporary artists in society.


European Commission IYMF project. Collecting methodologies for intercultural art education in primary schools.
Conference on Intercultural Dialogue, Lisboa, Portugal
Lisbon conference programme
Invited as expert in art education as keynote speaker: Helsinki University, Finland.
Arts and Skills conference, Helsinki 2010.
European Commision, Brussels
Artists and Social Inclusion.
Artists and Social Inclusion, video interview.
Symposium on Art Education Essen, Germany
Symposium programme Essen.


As a founder member of the artists initiatief Hit&Run in 1998 involved in the occupation of the former Royal Palace of Antwerp which housed an art center for contemporary art that was going to be closed down. The occupation gave a signal to politicians and –art- policy makers to consider the shortage of non-commercial art spaces and the social statute of artists in Belgium in general. The NICC, a national artists movement in Belgium came into existence through this action.
Hit and Run

In 2000 carried out research and coordination for the NICC about Belgian artists movements in the 20th century culminating in the exhibition MO(U)VEMENTS, Artists Movements in Belgium from 1900 till 2000, in the Royal Museum of Fine Art, Antwerp. Catalogue by Hans Theys.
De Witte Raaf, Mouvements.
Catalogue, Hans Theys.